Jan 10, 2012

Is a piece of grunge art ever really done?

Decomp 1
18x24" acrylic on canvas

Well this one is almost there but thought I would post my latest grunge work and help to define the types of artwork I think falls into this category.  There are many artists who I consider much more experienced at this type of art and I will be featuring some of them here on this blog. All for now.
Nad E


  1. Yes I find it so. Anyway I was looking up grunge art and I came across you art work. I especially like Decomp 1. The funny thing is that I ave been moving in the "grunge" direction myself. Why? I don't know. Until today I didn't know that grunge art existed. Go figure. It must be something in the air. Anyway, keep searching. Decomp 1 is the first great example of grunge for all I know.

  2. Thanks for your interest Michael, will be posting many more along the grunge line.